There are different opinions about the origin of Thailand. Three decades believed that Thailand goes back to 500 years before the 4th of northwestern Szechuan in China and later taylandtsite move to the current location of the country. This theory is considered as outdated. Nesamneno most important archaeological discoveries confirming the existence of ancient people in Thai land has been made in a tiny village of Ban Chaing near Udon Thani in northeast Thailand. Systematic excavations of Ban Chaing started only two decades, revealing painted ceramic products, jewelry, tools / tools / bronze and iron. Settlement began around 3600 BC. People of Ban Chaing grown rice domestication of animals and were experienced potter.

But long before the appearance of people wandering in the northeastern plateaus, the region was the only home of the ancient species – dinosaur. In 1984 fossils of nutrition in plants dinosaur were found in the province of Phu Wiang and called Phuwaingosaurus sirindornae.

Over the centuries, Thailand has been under the influence of different cultures, the Indians in the 3rd century mongoltsite between 6th and 11th century to khmerite – who built fabulous Angkor Wat temple, which also left its legacy in the form of numerous stone temples scattered throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Experts believe that the dominant culture in Thailand came to the people who come from southern China almost one thousand years. They are, where is now northern Thailand before extending south to the rich plains and valleys, gradually assert their independence from the Khmer and Mongolian Kingdom.

Siam is the name by which the country is known to the world in 1939 and again between 1945-1949. On May 11, 1949 g.imeto the country was officially changed to Thailand.